Whether you’re a Mayor, Director of Public Works, City Council Member, Supervisor of a national land care maintenance franchise, small lawn & garden crew, or DIY homeowner — AGZA can help you with your transition.

What AGZA Can Do For You

ELF - Environmental Landscape Footprint

Developed with our non-profit partner Quiet Communities, ELF™ quantifies toxic and carcinogenic emissions, greenhouse gas emissions, noise and solid waste resulting from landscape maintenance operations. Municipalities, campuses and private industry can use ELF™ to gain a clear understanding of what kind and amounts of impacts their landscape maintenance operations has on their workers and communities. ELF™ reports are included in AGZA Green Zone® Certification projects. For ELF™ impact reports learn more here.


AGZA workshops can be live events or virtual meeting format. We provide education, resources and outreach that help communities transition land-care operations away fossil fuel internal combustion powered equipment towards lower impact, cleaner battery and people powered tools. Our goal is to work collaboratively with municipalities, campuses, private industry and community stakeholders to help facilitate positive outcomes for the future. All workshop participants will be able to try tools in the testing areas and understand for themselves what kind of power, comfort and ergonomics the top battery electric tools on the market offer. Organize an AGZA low impact workshop in your community.

AGZA Symposiums

AGZA Symposiums are organized with our non-profit partner Quiet Communities. These high-level gatherings include several keynote speakers from the human health, and landscape maintenance industries. Additionally, community action groups and citizens are included as speakers. Manufacturers are invited to bring the latest in zero-emission equipment and provide demonstrations. The goal of our symposiums is to bring all community stakeholders in one room to discuss prudent, balanced and meaningful ways to reduce the use of internal combustion equipment in our precious neighborhoods. 

Cost Benefit Analysis

AGZA understands in order for us to reduce the use of gas powered equipment and replace it with cleaner more expensive technologies there must be a return on investment. This return on investment is not only with the tools themselves but estimates in reduced health issues and more peaceful environments. These are all returns on investment (ROI) in battery electric equipment and people powered tools and methods. AGZA will estimate based on your operations when you can expect a ROI on a fleet of battery electric tools that will replace current gas fleets. For a operations cost benefit analysis learn more here.

REDUCE IMPACTS from gas operations

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Electric operations offer many advantages, but the transition is full of challenges. AGZA’s leadership and experience help avoid the predictable pitfalls.

AGZA offers the first and most comprehensive grounds maintenance certification in the world. With our holistic view of the health and environmental impacts, we can help establish, monitor, report, verify, and certify your property.

AGZA also educates, trains, and certifies management and crews. So, reach out and let's partner together!

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