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AGZA is committed to holistic land care solutions.  This is why we champion people powered tools as a first option for average sized residential properties, and phasing out gas operations for routine maintenance with battery or corded electric equipment.  

Equally important are "Best Practices"  

  • Composting
  • Mulching
  • Organic alternatives to fertilizing
  • Organic alternatives to weed, and pest control
  • Considering nature and wildlife in the urban and suburban environments
  • Growing food on your residential property

AGZA is actively collaborating with local organizations and companies that provide "Best Practice" services and resources to help our AGZA Residential Green Zone Ambassadors enhance their Green Zone properties.  Click on one of our Best Practice Partners to learn more:

301 Organics

301 Organics is about recovering our organics in the waste stream and diverting it away from landfills and instead to compost.  

301 Organics mission is to help communities and municipalities meet their zero-waste goals and objectives by developing,  implementing and expanding organics recovery programs that benefit the environment, youth and the local economy.


Healthy Yards

Non Toxic Communities

Non Toxic Communities is part of the growing movement of grassroots groups advocating for safer landscaping practices across the country. They provide the resources and solutions needed for successful transitions to organic management at the local level. They believe all communities have a right to clean air, clean water, and an environment free from toxic chemicals.  


AGZA is forming collaborations and partnerships with local Organic Land Care Groups around the country to ensure we are leveraging our message to include the reduction of using chemicals and preservation of pollinators and wildlife in urban settings.

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Electric operations offer many advantages, but the transition is full of challenges. AGZA’s leadership and experience help avoid the predictable pitfalls.

AGZA offers the first and most comprehensive landscape maintenance certification in the world. With our holistic view of the health and environmental impacts, we can help establish, monitor, report, verify, and certify your property.

AGZA also educates, trains, and certifies management and crews. So, reach out and let's partner together!

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