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Oregon 120V Commercial Tools No Longer Manufactured

Oregon No Longer Manufacturing 120V Tools


Sadly, it is the end of a great line of commercial battery electric tools

AGZA founder Dan Mabe has some special words for the dedicated team at Oregon

AGZA regretfully informs our AFTC audience and network of commercial operators of the following industry update: As of February 2021, Oregon will no longer manufacture the 120V Professional Series line of battery-operated lawn and garden equipment. This is disappointing news for AGZA and the industry, as the Oregon product line has received nothing but positive feedback from our Green Zone project managers and other users of the 120V tools.

AGZA commends Oregon for designing, testing, and bringing their powerful robust suite of battery electric tools to market.  We acknowledge the critical contribution Oregon made showing us all what can be achieved with battery electric technology.  Their efforts will help the technology evolve for years to come.

Oregon 120V tools will still be AFTC Certified as we have received notice that Blount is committed to honoring all warranties on equipment purchased prior to the discontinuation date. Further, Oregon will have aftermarket service and parts available for existing users of the equipment.

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Dan Mabe is the founder and president of AGZA.

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