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MAKITA: More Solutions for Commercial Landscapers

Your world is changing. Increasing regulation across the nation is limiting the use of gas power
equipment. This will affect how you run your business – and Makita is here to help with more battery-powered commercial products to replace your gas equipment so you can take on mowing, trimming, cutting and clean-ups without the hassles of gas. Makita has a constant focus on new technology and power management, with three battery-powered systems to meet the demands of today and tomorrow? So how will you RULE THE OUTDOORS?

40V max | 80V max XGT®:
XGT® is Makita’s most powerful handheld solution for pro landscapers, with 40V and 80V max cordless equipment and tools engineered for applications that traditionally use cords and gas. XGT® lawn mowers, blowers, trimmers, chain saws, and more are all powered by fast-charging 40V XGT® batteries that are fully compatible with an expanding range of core handheld tools like drills, impact drivers, and more (125+ products in 2023).

36V | 40V max ConnectX™:

ConnectX™ is a run-time and power solution for professional landscapers seeking a true gas replacement. The ConnectX™ 1,200 watt hour battery is compatible with ConnectX™ mowers, backpack and handheld blowers, and trimmers, as well as 40V max XGT® and 36V (18V X2) LXT® products with the use of an adapter.

40V max XGT® Brushless 21" Self‑Propelled Commercial Lawn Mower

CML01Z with PDC1200

40V max ConnectX™ Brushless Backpack Blower

CBU02Z with PDC1200

ConnectX™ 1,200Wh Portable Backpack Power Supply


40V max XGT® Brushless Cordless 15" String Trimmer

GRU01 String Trimmer

40V max XGT® Brushless Cordless 17" String Trimmer

GRU04 String Trimmer

40V max XGT® Brushless Cordless Blower

GBU01 Blower

40V max XGT® Brushless Cordless 30" Single-Sided Hedge Trimmer

GHU05 Hedge Trimmer

40V max XGT® Brushless Cordless 30" Hedge Trimmer

GHU03 Hedge Trimmer

40V max XGT® Brushless Cordless 18" Chain Saw

GCU04 Chainsaw

40V max XGT® Brushless Cordless 14" Top Handle Chain Saw

GCU02 Chainsaw

40V max XGT® Brushless 21" Self-Propelled Commercial Lawn Mower

GML01 Mower

80V max (40V max X2) XGT® Brushless 14" Power Cutter with AFT®, Electric Brake

GEC01 Power Cutter

AGZA RAW - MAKITA tools in action

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