(Los Angeles, CA — August 18, 2020) by Dan Mabe

How Solar Integration is becoming more popular

It appears the use of solar energy is becoming more commonplace in today’s society and a new batch of entrepreneurs are finding new and innovative ways of implementing solar power.  This outside of the box thinking can save businesses money and benefit the environment as well. The following businesses have flexed their creative muscle and found new ways of turning the sun into profits.

Ben Kaden installing a Narwhal Solutions Mobile Solar Design
Ben Kaden installing a Narwhal Solutions Mobile Solar Design

A few years ago these alternative solutions were not easy to come across but with more companies developing battery electric equipment to be charged, many may be encouraged to transition away from conventional internal combustion technologies. As solar panels begin to drop in price it only makes more sense to use this low cost renewable source of electricity. Now smaller businesses can harness the power of the sun and make a real difference on the environment.

Ben and Erin Kaden have found a way to turn their mobile detailing business into a green solution. The founders of Narwhal Solutions first implemented solar panels to power their washers and vacuums. It was a decade long journey but they have found a way to help other businesses make the conversion to clean energy sources. Inspired by the events of the Deepwater Horizon disaster, they started their detailing business in 2010 and ran their vehicles and generators with fryer oil. After finding a way to make solar power mobile they took further strides in cleaning up the way people do business and recreation.

“Solar power generation for mobile application could potentially simplify power needs while saving money. On top of the cash saved by no longer needing to buy gasoline to power your daily tools and equipment, you’re moving into the future,” says Ben Kaden

Narwhal Solutions offer solar powered generators that fit into the bed of a pick-up truck. For those that need a bit more power they offer towable’s in a range of sizes. These generators can accommodate any needs from wireless tools to heavy duty power tools. For more information go to solnarwhal.com 

Another pioneer in the new wave of unique solar powered businesses is Solar Earth Lawn care owned by Gus Mariscal. With solar panels mounted to the roof of their truck Solar Earth Lawn Care has found a clean source of energy to power everything from lawn mowers to leaf blowers and hedge trimmers. In the competitive field of landscaping it is important to find a way to stand out says Gus.

Maintaining a pristine green lawn can be far from actually being green. On top of the cost of gasoline, the negative health impacts to his crews were too much for Gus.  Additionally, Gus was concerned about air and noise pollution created by his gas business when he decided to convert to a sustainable solution. Solar Earth’s use of electric equipment and people powered tools comes with the added benefit of having no fumes and low noise. Recently they have brought in help from robotic electric mowers made by Husqvarna that cut your lawn in silence while you go about your day. Solar Earth Lawncare is the first solar powered landscaping company in Indiana and an AGZA Certified Service Pro business. Gus hopes more companies follow this trend. For more information about Solar Earth Lawn Care please visit http://solarearthlawncare.com/

As solar power becomes more common place in a variety of mobile charging applications, there will be more entrepreneurs joining new wave of businesses utilizing renewable energy solutions.

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