AFTC® Certified Greenworks Commercial OptimusZ ZTR Mowers


Greenworks Commercial

For over 20 years, Greenworks® Commercial has been at the forefront of innovation in the landscaping industry. Progress is their main objective, right from the very inception of their business they’ve been pushing the boundaries of what electrified landscaping products can achieve. Constant improvement in motion—that’s Greenworks® Commercial.

Power & Cutting Performance

Optimized to provide all-day cutting up to 8 hours and up to 21 acres of mowing on a single charge of the Mega 24kwh battery or 6 hours and 16 acres on a single charge of the Mega 18kwh battery, this ultra-high-performance zero-turn mower delivers industry leading equivalent power of a 65HP gas engine to confidently tackle the most demanding commercial applications. It is capable of achieving and sustaining a constant 19K FPM blade tip speed to never slow or bog down under heavy or wet grass conditions.


Drive System

The PowrTraq Smart Drive system™ in our equipment sets new industry-standards being years ahead of the competition. We have eliminated maintenance-intensive transmissions and replaced them with the most compact in-wheel hub-motors, providing best agility, traction control in any terrain and sheer power that can last over 2000 hours before needing maintenance. In combination with added torque, OptimusZ  easily handles slopes up to 15 degrees.


We packed the latest technology and over 20 years of battery know-how into our range of 82V OptimusZ™ battery modules for our ride-on equipment. Power meets Safety: Lithium-iron Phosphate (LFP) battery chemistry is safer than Nickle Cobalt Manganese (NCM) which other brands use.


Construction Design

Crafted for daily use, this mower guarantees the durability of a commercial-grade machine. It features a robotically welded steel frame and power coating as well as a heavy duty 7-ga. Customer fabricated steel deck. The OptimusZ carries a 5 year/2000 hrs. commercial warranty.


User Experience

Imagine a landscaping work day with no fumes, no toxic emissions, no smell, no headaches, no cleanup of accidental spills, no burns from overheated equipment, low vibration, and little to no noise. That is every day on an OptimusZ.


Cost Savings

Transitioning to battery does not only save on gas expenses. It also saves time avoiding impromptu visits to the gas station in rush hour traffic. What about maintenance? With no belts, no spindles, no oil or filters you also save on maintenance: both time and money. As a matter of fact the OptimusZ is a maintenance free zero tuen mower for up to 2000 hrs.

The OptimusZ Collection




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