Air pollution and climate change are two of the most serious threats to the health and quality of life in communities around the world. Multiple studies show that 7,500 people die prematurely from exposure to air pollution in Southern California every year! And of course citizens living in underprivileged communities will suffer the worst and the most.

LA-based non-profit Coalition for Clean Air has been working hard for almost 50 years to change that, creating a broad palette of education and advocacy efforts in close synergy with city and state agencies.

Today CCA hosted a media event for dignitaries and the press to announce their latest campaign: the first annual California Clean Air Day on Wednesday October 3rd!

“clean air is such an important issue for our communities. we are proud to be a part of this effort and look forward to engaging our stakeholders around things they can do to clear the air on october 3rd.”

— Joseph K. Lyou, President & CEO, Coalition for Clean Air

Attending the media event were representatives from CCA, SCAQMD, SoCal Edison, SoCal Gas, L.A. Metro, Foothill Transit, Dignity Health and Honda, including:

  • Dr. Joseph K. Lyou, president & CEO, Coalition for Clean Air
  • Brian Sheridan, CCA Development Director
  • Karin Volpp-Gardela, CCA Events & Development Manager
  • Ed Begley, Jr., CCA Board Member
  • Chris Thompson, CCA Board Member and VP of local public affairs for SoCal Edison
  • George Minter, CCA Treasurer and regional VP of external affairs
  • Hon. Michael Ciacciotti, Pasadena Councilmember and Board Member of SCAQMD
  • Marcos Frommer, Manager of Corporate Affairs, Honda North America


On October 3, 2018, join Californians across the state in a unified day of action. Click the button below, take the simple Clean Air Pledge, and let CCA and social media know what changes you’re willing to make to help clear the air!

So far about 630,000 actions have been pledged by Californians — including mayors, businesses, and individuals. Help CCA achieve their ambitious goal of 1 Million Clean Air Actions by October 3rd!


  • No NOx (oxides of nitrogen)
  • No HC (carcinogenic hydrocarbons)
  • No VOCs (volatile organic compounds)
  • No CO (carbon monoxide)
  • No CO2 (carbon dioxide)

Plus electric motors are about half as noisy as the notorious gas leaf blowers that drive communities into contentious leaf blower debates across the country.

Lifelong environmentalist and model green citizen Ed Begley Jr. is not only on the CCA Board, but chatted with AGZA about the latest state-of-the-art electric lawn equipment from EGO. Thanks Ed — great to see you again : )


AGZA has had the privilege of using, testing, and vetting battery electric equipment from the best manufacturers for years. We think it is worth noting that there are only a handful of manufacturers who have built their entire equipment lineup from the ground up on an electric platform. And of those manufacturers that are 100% committed to E-OPE (electric outdoor power equipment), EGO is one of only a few whose power, performance, and industrial design continue to impress us over and over.

Their 56V Power Plus lithium-battery platform and very innovative and thoughtful industrial design have earned them many awards over the past several years. AGZA has put a fleet of these tools in the hands of commercial operators and so far the feedback has been very positive — both from the crew and manager, as well as the customers.

Keep your eyes peeled at the GIE-EXPO next month for EGO’s upcoming commercial equipment announcement!


CCA and many other organizations concerned with local air quality — both indoors and out — have been deploying Purple Air PA-II air quality sensors throughout California and around the world.

These sensors are a model of simplicity in design and economics, capturing and reporting real-time data on ambient PM2.5 data and pushing it to a live GIS mapping tool. Housed in ultra-simple weatherproof PVC shell, the sensor contains dual laser sensors (one for redundancy) and a simple micro-USB port for both power and wifi.

This softball-sized unit mounts easily with screws or zip ties and is only $229. Keep in mind that sensors of this calibre usually cost several thousand dollars!

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