The City of Glendale Becomes the Largest AGZA Green Zone® Certified Municipality in the Nation

The City of Glendale is now the largest Level 1 AGZA Certified Green Zone municipality in the United States, joining South PasadenaSouth El Monte, Mt. San Antonio College, Altadena Public Libraries, University of Southern California, Los Angles State Historic Park, and Adams House State Historic Park as AGZA Green Zone Certified in LA County. Glendale also joins countless others nationwide.

AGZA Certified Green Zone

An AGZA Green Zone is one in which routine maintenance is independently verified for low impact operations. AGZA Green Zone Certification is a structured program involving education, training, certification, and data® reporting to achieve an enduring transition to cleaner, quieter, more sustainable landscape maintenance practices.
AGZA and nonprofit Quiet Communities work together to implement the program nationwide in parks, municipalities, institutions, and businesses.

Pictured - An AGZA Green Zone Ceremony tradition. Sugar and macadamia nut flavored cookies with logos.

Ceremony visitors, Glendale city staff, dignitaries, and journalists pose for the occasion.

Watch a short video of the ceremony.



American Green Zone Alliance (AGZA) is the global leader in zero-emission, sustainable grounds maintenance strategies. AGZA educates and accredits commercial grounds maintenance crews as AGZA Service Providers, and certifies properties maintained with quiet zero-emission cordless electric equipment and hand tools as AGZA Green Zones®.


Dan Mabe
AGZA Founder and President

Congratulations to the City of Glendale!

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