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CHANGING BUSINESS AS USUAL through AGZA Green Zone® Certification




(Los Angeles, CA — November 2021) By Esther Wu

The American Green Zone Alliance (AGZA), AOS (Automated Outdoor Solutions), and the Langton Group have formed a collaboration to benefit people, planet, and profits. AGZA Founder Dan Mabe and AOS President Joe Langton first met in early 2019. Both quickly understood that their companies had much in common and that by working together they could develop a business model for land care that would improve working conditions for grounds maintenance workers, enhance quality of life for communities, improve the environment, and increase profits for businesses.

So far, the group has created five robotic AGZA Certified Green Zones in Woodstock (Sweetwater, Woodstock Sterile Solutions, Dura Bar), Geneva (Marklund), and Marengo, Illinois (Thompson Linear). An AGZA Certified Green Zone is a defined area of land on which routine maintenance is performed with the use of quiet, low impact equipment. Green Zones are created through a structured, multi-step program designed to achieve an enduring transition away from fossil fuel-based landscape maintenance using battery electric, robotic, and people-powered tools. It has become the independently verified standard for low impact and sustainable grounds maintenance operations.

Education and certification are at the core of the program. The AGZA Service Pro Certification Course – a 15 lesson online course available in Spanish and English – is available to educate the industry and help them develop professional competence in the new technologies. Joe Langton and dozens of his employees at AOS and the Langton Group were among the first to become AGZA Service Pro® Certified. “The feedback was positive with employees appreciating the quality of the course and its comprehensive coverage” said Joe Langton. 

Training in the use of battery electric equipment and proper set-up and installation of robotics and power hubs in the Green Zones are also critical. Following professional certification of the work crews, the AGZA, AOS and the Langton Group began work that resulted in the first successful robotic mower AGZA Certified Green Zone in the nation. “Previously, AGZA had attempted to create robotic mower Green Zones without success. Having Joe Langton’s technological expertise and experience were key to the success of the project,” said Dan Mabe.

IllinoisUnderstanding the environmental and economic benefits resulting from Green Zones are another essential component of the program. Non-profit organization, Quiet Communities Inc (QCi) and AGZA team up to provide Environmental Landscape Footprint (ELF®) reports that quantify the beneficial reductions in carbon emissions, toxic pollutants, noise fuel spillage, and toxic waste, along with economic return on investment and cost-effectiveness.  “These metrics help organizations and individuals understand and communicate the tremendous difference a transition makes in improving the health of workers, the public, and the environment, as well as the substantial savings that can accrue over time,” says Jamie Banks, President of QCi. Organizations and companies can publish their ELF metrics on their websites and in their sustainability reports to communicate the progress they are making.

Dura Bar, located in Woodstock IL, was the first ISO9001:2015 certified company to receive the Green Zone designation for its twenty serviceable acres of green space maintained with robotic mowers. According to Dura Bar representative, Melissa Bollig, “the AGZA Green Zone Certification is aligned with Dura Bar’s sustainability goals and relationship with our community.” Thompson Linear implemented its Green Zone with Husqvarna Automowers® and battery-powered handheld equipment that quieted land care operations on their property as well as in the surrounding community.

The future looks bright for AGZA, AOS, and the Langton Group. They have already lined up dozens of multi-acre projects with municipalities, private companies and academic institutions who increasingly are coming to appreciate the value that independently verified low impact land care operations can bring to their sustainability projects.


Automated Outdoor Solutions sells, installs, and maintains robotic mowing systems. 

Langton Group is a premier landscaping company providing enhancing landscaping designs. 

AGZA is the national leader in low noise, zero emission grounds maintenance education, training, and certification.

Quiet Communities is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing noise and related pollution through positive solutions. 

Dura-Bar is the leading manufacturer of continuous cast iron bar stock, offering long-term cost savings and improved performance.

Thomson invented anti-friction linear technology over 60 years ago and has continued to lead the industry ever since. The Thomson brand is recognized and trusted as the global leader in mechanical motion technology.

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