Bull Valley Golf Course Establishes First Robotic Mower AGZA Certified Green Zone® Driving Range in the Nation

Bull Valley Golf Course


Left to Right – Greg Hisel, General Manager Bull Valley Golf Course, Joe Langton, President AOS, Dan Mabe, President AGZA

WOODSTOCK, IL The Bull Valley Golf Club has “changed course” by creating an AGZA Certified Green Zone at its 5-acre driving range. Its gas-powered maintenance equipment has been replaced with an ultra-low noise, zero emission robotic mower and a robotic golf ball picker both made by ECHO Robotics.

The Bull Valley course is masterfully set amongst a reclaimed dairy farm blessed with rare highland fen meadows and lowland wetland prairies. The Bull Valley Golf Club is situated by homes where families raise their kids and retirees value quiet surroundings.

US robotics expert AOS (Automated Outdoor Solutions) was hired to explore and implement a state-of-the-art robotics system. The club ownership and management wanted to replace its gas equipment with technologies that were economically and workload viable and that could also lower the noise for their community. The new, low impact equipment not only reduces noise, it also reduces ground level ozone thereby improving health conditions for their staff.

“What a perfect place to establish a Certified Green Zone®. We want to coexist with the natural surroundings of the course as much as possible and starting with the conversion of our driving range will inevitably lead to other areas of our golf course.”

BRAD HISELGeneral Manager at Bull Valley Golf Club

Julia Langton of AOS: “We cannot express enough our gratitude to the Bull Valley Golf Club for being receptive and trusting our experience, knowledge, and process for robotics implementation.”

Dan Mabe – President, AGZA: “What an exciting time it is right now with these emerging technologies which help us expand our Certified Green Zone Certification profile. AGZA goes to great lengths to independently test commercial electric tool platforms and robotics systems to determine which tools and technologies meet the high standards set by AGZA for its Certified Green Zones. Bull Valley Golf Club is now leading by example as good stewards and serving as a model for the region and nationally.”

Jamie Banks – President, Quiet Communities: “We will continue to work with AGZA, AOS, and Bull Valley Golf Club to provide the metrics that demonstrate the beneficial impact this project is yielding for the club and their community.”

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