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AGZA Welcomes Helios Lawn Care, Hawaii’s first AGZA Certified Service Pro company

Helios MapHelios Lawn Care founders and owners Christian de Quevedo and Scott Taber wanted a  sustainably minded service for their island community.  Hawaii is a place of splendor where being one and harmonious with nature is highly valued.  This is the vision Christian and Scott have for Helios and the clients they serve. 

– A message from Christian & Scott:

At Helios Lawn Care, we share our love and dedication for the environment by focusing on state-of-the-art electric landscaping technology and concentrating on the best available environmentally friendly landscaping practices. With an eye for detail and a passion for hard work, we work together with our clients to ensure that every aspect of their desire for their outdoor space comes to life.

A premier Hawaii landscaping service since 2022, we specialize in lush, green spaces that are enjoyed by all. Our expert team is unlike any other landscaping team out there. From residential to commercial spaces, we approach each project with thought and care for both for nature and our clients.

Visit Helios’ website to learn more »

Helios Lawn Care - Hawaii
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Green MowCo

Green MowCo becomes the first AGZA Certified Service Pro in Maryland!

Green MowCo owner Jessica Zimmerman and her husband William are not only running an ultra low-impact, all electric landscape maintenance business, but are contributing to the outreach and education of our changing industry.  William attended an AGZA workshop co-sponsored by NALP (National Association of Landscape Professionals) and Montgomery County.  He was not only an attendee but was a featured guest speaker in front of an audience of nearly 100 grounds maintenance operators.   William was able to speak to the locality of operations in the Montgomery County area and how his experience has been so far.  AGZA would like to thank Green MowCo for their participation and being a true example of responsible change.

With over a decade’s worth of industry experience, Green MowCo has excellent customer reviews and prides itself on providing a reliable professional service to go along with their dedicated low impact approach to the business. AGZA encourages folks in Montgomery County to contact Green MowCo if interested in quieter, lower impact land care and maintenance operations.

Currently servicing these zip codes:  20832, 20833, 20853, 20855, 20860, 20861, 20882

Visit www.greenmowco.com

or call (301) 9000 – MOW (669)

AGZA Workshop

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EGO Exchange 2022

Another Successful Exchange in Imperial County

The American Green Zone Alliance completed another successful gas for electric exchange program for 2022 with award winning EGO Power + battery electric garden tools.

The residents of Imperial County were active in this year’s exchange program embracing AGZA/EGO lawn signs and taking pride in making a difference in their community.   People were so grateful to be able to trade in their gas lawnmowers, blowers, hedge trimmers, string trimmers, and chain saws for a top-of-the-line battery electric option for a reduced price.  The local Air District helped provide the cost reduction resources and brought in AGZA to help execute the program.

Participation was high and enthusiastic as AGZA strives to ensure there is an “educational” component to these programs where people learn why they are trading in their gas tools and what benefits it has on the air quality.  EGO has partnered with AGZA nationwide supporting the educational initiatives that come with lowering noise and cleaner air benefits to operating EGO 56 Volt Power+ tools.

EGO - Power Beyond BeliefEGO first appeared on AGZA’s radar five years ago as it burst on the scene as a popular tool line for many California communities participating in Air District gas-for-electric exchange programs. What made EGO so popular with these communities were the exceptional purchaser reviews and top ratings from Consumer Reports.

The EGO Power+ platform, although originally designed for residential use, has proven to be a popular choice for AGZA Commercial Certified Service Pros nationwide.  “This testing by AGZA has taken over four years, placing EGO tools and batteries in torturous maintenance settings that involve extreme temperatures, battery abuse, and robust use with our most unforgiving high volume gardening crews in Southern California where maintenance never takes a break due to the mild weather,” said Jeff Keenan, AGZA’s field testing coordinator.

AGZA values the relationship it has with EGO and other AFTC manufacturers who have dedicated tremendous amounts of time and R&D resources to ensure their battery electric tool platforms are safe, reliable, and perform adequately to replace their gas counter parts.

AGZA President Dan Mabe: “AGZA appreciates EGO valuing the educational component for this movement of lower impact landscape maintenance concepts. Creating dedicated signs and posting on their website validates where EGO’s heart is at.” 


The complete EGO Power Plus platform of tools including EGO’s 56 Volt Commercial Series have undergone the AGZA Field Test Certification (AFTC) process. Testing starting as far back as five years ago. Products such as snow throwers and back up battery power systems are not currently included in the AFTC process for any manufacturer.  EGO and any other AFTC manufacturer who releases a new product are required to provide samples for AGZA to test. As long as battery voltages and compatibility have not changed and new tools can “interface” with the original platform, AFTC status does not change.

EGO TrimmerEGO advantages include:

  • Innovative ARC™ Lithium Battery Technology featuring Keep Cool™ Cell Technology for use in extreme heat conditions
  • All tools and batteries are IPX4 rated for water and weather resistance and the Commercial Series Backpack Battery achieves the very stringent IPX56 rating
  • All tools and batteries are 100% backwards compatible
  • High powered digital brushless motors
  • Peak Power Technology™ leverages the power of more than one battery at a time for enhanced power output and efficiency.  Peak Power Technology is currently available on EGO snowblowers and the Dualport Mower.
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Big Battery Making a “Big” Difference with AGZA


CHATSWORTH, CA – Big Battery – a global leader in lithium battery repurposing, recycling, and manufacturing and the American Green Zone® Alliance (AGZA) – who helps transition the landscape maintenance industry from gas powered to cleaner lower impact technologies, for municipalities, universities, school districts, and golf courses have been collaborating on a little-known project to address the proliferation of Battery Powered Equipment in the landscape maintenance industry.   People are asking what are we going to do with all of the lithium batteries once finished with their useful life?  Luckily Dan Mabe, President of the American Green Zone Alliance, was introduced to Eric Lungren, CEO of Big Battery.   It started with a chance meeting between South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) Board Member, and mayor of the City of South Pasadena Michael Cacciotti, who met Mr. Lungren while conducting interviews for the same journalist.  Following the interview, Board Member Cacciotti connected Big Battery with AGZA.

AGZA toured the Big Battery Headquarters in Chatsworth California and soon learned special things were happening there.  Big Battery was giving lithium

batteries a second life and also facilitating the recycling of lithium batteries.  AGZA understood the value of Big Battery right away as lithium powered equipment is currently gaining rapid popularity and workforce acceptance in the professional arena.   The two companies became acquainted and found a way to work together.

AGZA and the Arroyo Seco Golf Course located in the City of South Pasadena, which is an AGZA Certified Green Zone® had a problem to solve with a large greens mower operating at the course every day.  The mower was powered by a lead acid battery system and just after six short months lost substantial runtimes and placed the Green Zone rating at risk by possibly having to go back to using a traditional gas mower.   Big Battery said they could help by replacing the greens mower with a lithium system. Not only could Big Battery replace the batteries, they did it with used / repurposed Tesla Model 3 cells.

AGZA transported the greens mower to the Big Battery R&D center, and they went to work right away.  Their lead engineer Walson and AGZA went over the operating parameters of the mowers existing controllers and voltage ranges.  From there, he and his team modified the battery carriage and customized a battery bank which allows the mower to cut eighteen greens plus a practice putting green.  After this conversion, the Big Battery repurposed lithium battery system has powered the mower for over a year and a half with no issues to date.  The result is lower emissions, noise, and operating costs.  The ability of this mower to operate everyday at the course also keeps their AGZA Green Zone firmly intact and at a high rating.

With this pilot project Big Battery and AGZA were able to utilize repurposed lithium cells.  The result is substantially reduced toxic emissions – ozone-forming chemicals, fine particulates, and carbon monoxide – as well as reduce greenhouse gases, noise, fuel spillage, fuel consumption, and solid and toxic waste.  It’s a triple win for the people, planet, and profits!

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AGZA News, Press Release

CHANGING BUSINESS AS USUAL through AGZA Green Zone® Certification


(Los Angeles, CA — November 2021) By Esther Wu

The American Green Zone Alliance (AGZA), AOS (Automated Outdoor Solutions), and the Langton Group have formed a collaboration to benefit people, planet, and profits. AGZA Founder Dan Mabe and AOS President Joe Langton first met in early 2019. Both quickly understood that their companies had much in common and that by working together they could develop a business model for land care that would improve working conditions for grounds maintenance workers, enhance quality of life for communities, improve the environment, and increase profits for businesses.

So far, the group has created five robotic AGZA Certified Green Zones in Woodstock (Sweetwater, Woodstock Sterile Solutions, Dura Bar), Geneva (Marklund), and Marengo, Illinois (Thompson Linear). An AGZA Certified Green Zone is a defined area of land on which routine maintenance is performed with the use of quiet, low impact equipment. Green Zones are created through a structured, multi-step program designed to achieve an enduring transition away from fossil fuel-based landscape maintenance using battery electric, robotic, and people-powered tools. It has become the independently verified standard for low impact and sustainable grounds maintenance operations.

Education and certification are at the core of the program. The AGZA Service Pro Certification Course – a 15 lesson online course available in Spanish and English – is available to educate the industry and help them develop professional competence in the new technologies. Joe Langton and dozens of his employees at AOS and the Langton Group were among the first to become AGZA Service Pro® Certified. “The feedback was positive with employees appreciating the quality of the course and its comprehensive coverage” said Joe Langton. 

Training in the use of battery electric equipment and proper set-up and installation of robotics and power hubs in the Green Zones are also critical. Following professional certification of the work crews, the AGZA, AOS and the Langton Group began work that resulted in the first successful robotic mower AGZA Certified Green Zone in the nation. “Previously, AGZA had attempted to create robotic mower Green Zones without success. Having Joe Langton’s technological expertise and experience were key to the success of the project,” said Dan Mabe.

IllinoisUnderstanding the environmental and economic benefits resulting from Green Zones are another essential component of the program. Non-profit organization, Quiet Communities Inc (QCi) and AGZA team up to provide Environmental Landscape Footprint (ELF®) reports that quantify the beneficial reductions in carbon emissions, toxic pollutants, noise fuel spillage, and toxic waste, along with economic return on investment and cost-effectiveness.  “These metrics help organizations and individuals understand and communicate the tremendous difference a transition makes in improving the health of workers, the public, and the environment, as well as the substantial savings that can accrue over time,” says Jamie Banks, President of QCi. Organizations and companies can publish their ELF metrics on their websites and in their sustainability reports to communicate the progress they are making.

Dura Bar, located in Woodstock IL, was the first ISO9001:2015 certified company to receive the Green Zone designation for its twenty serviceable acres of green space maintained with robotic mowers. According to Dura Bar representative, Melissa Bollig, “the AGZA Green Zone Certification is aligned with Dura Bar’s sustainability goals and relationship with our community.” Thompson Linear implemented its Green Zone with Husqvarna Automowers® and battery-powered handheld equipment that quieted land care operations on their property as well as in the surrounding community.

The future looks bright for AGZA, AOS, and the Langton Group. They have already lined up dozens of multi-acre projects with municipalities, private companies and academic institutions who increasingly are coming to appreciate the value that independently verified low impact land care operations can bring to their sustainability projects.


Automated Outdoor Solutions sells, installs, and maintains robotic mowing systems. 

Langton Group is a premier landscaping company providing enhancing landscaping designs. 

AGZA is the national leader in low noise, zero emission grounds maintenance education, training, and certification.

Quiet Communities is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing noise and related pollution through positive solutions. 

Dura-Bar is the leading manufacturer of continuous cast iron bar stock, offering long-term cost savings and improved performance.

Thomson invented anti-friction linear technology over 60 years ago and has continued to lead the industry ever since. The Thomson brand is recognized and trusted as the global leader in mechanical motion technology.

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Free Webinar: Join The Clean Tech Revolution. Solutions for Low Impact Lawn Care Operations.

Don’t miss out on the chance to learn about new business opportunities in the emerging sustainable lawn care industry.  Mark your calendar as you cannot afford to miss this occasion to understand more about how to transition your gas business to electric operations or pursue a new electric start up.
Webinar link:
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Welcome Service Pros

Welcome to Our Newest AGZA Certified Service Pros

Let’s give a warm welcome to our latest additions to the clean air, quiet maintenance service pro network.  All of these companies have been vetted by AGZA to provide quality landscape maintenance services without the harsh impacts of gas-powered operations.  AGZA Service Pros use state of the art commercial electric alternatives to mow, blow, edge, and trim.  Many of them can offer you “organic” weed & pest control, as well as organic fertilizing options.  These trailblazers are a new wave of sustainably minded landscape maintenance and installation companies who are offering a quiet, low-impact alternative to traditional grounds maintenance services.  Here is a list and contact information for your convenience.  If you value quieter surroundings, the health of workers and the community, and the planet, hire an AGZA Certified Service Pro today!

GreenWheels Lawn

McCoy Horicultural


TLC - Florida

Eco Lawn & Garden

New Jersey

New Jersey




(646) 320-7909


(866) 622-6995


(203) 254-9999

(904) 771-8889


(303) 248-6460

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Oregon No Longer Manufacturing 120V Tools

Oregon 120V Commercial Tools No Longer Manufactured

Sadly, it is the end of a great line of commercial battery electric tools

AGZA founder Dan Mabe has some special words for the dedicated team at Oregon

AGZA regretfully informs our AFTC audience and network of commercial operators of the following industry update: As of February 2021, Oregon will no longer manufacture the 120V Professional Series line of battery-operated lawn and garden equipment. This is disappointing news for AGZA and the industry, as the Oregon product line has received nothing but positive feedback from our Green Zone project managers and other users of the 120V tools.

AGZA commends Oregon for designing, testing, and bringing their powerful robust suite of battery electric tools to market.  We acknowledge the critical contribution Oregon made showing us all what can be achieved with battery electric technology.  Their efforts will help the technology evolve for years to come.

Oregon 120V tools will still be AFTC Certified as we have received notice that Blount is committed to honoring all warranties on equipment purchased prior to the discontinuation date. Further, Oregon will have aftermarket service and parts available for existing users of the equipment.

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Let’s kick off the new year on a healthy note!  With more and more people working and schooling at home transitioning to battery electric lawn and garden maintenance can help with cleaner air and quieter neighborhoods.  Electric equipment is zero-emission at point of operation, and has a much less egregious noise profile than their gas counter parts.  Blower, mowers, edgers, and weed whips can all be converted with the help of the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD)

AGZA is working with the SCAQMD with outreach to gardeners, academic institutions, municipalities, and large private landscape maintenance companies letting them know that if they trade in a commercial gas tool they can purchase a commercial electric tool kit which includes a tool ,battery, and charger for up to a 75% discount.

Contact AGZA to schedule a field workshop, bilingual program and tool introduction, or start an AGZA Green Zone project. There is no charge for AGZA outreach services for SCAQMD participants.  SCAQMD covers Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino Counties.

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(Los Angeles, CA — August 18, 2020) by Dan Mabe

How Solar Integration is becoming more popular

It appears the use of solar energy is becoming more commonplace in today’s society and a new batch of entrepreneurs are finding new and innovative ways of implementing solar power.  This outside of the box thinking can save businesses money and benefit the environment as well. The following businesses have flexed their creative muscle and found new ways of turning the sun into profits.

Ben Kaden installing a Narwhal Solutions Mobile Solar Design
Ben Kaden installing a Narwhal Solutions Mobile Solar Design

A few years ago these alternative solutions were not easy to come across but with more companies developing battery electric equipment to be charged, many may be encouraged to transition away from conventional internal combustion technologies. As solar panels begin to drop in price it only makes more sense to use this low cost renewable source of electricity. Now smaller businesses can harness the power of the sun and make a real difference on the environment.

Ben and Erin Kaden have found a way to turn their mobile detailing business into a green solution. The founders of Narwhal Solutions first implemented solar panels to power their washers and vacuums. It was a decade long journey but they have found a way to help other businesses make the conversion to clean energy sources. Inspired by the events of the Deepwater Horizon disaster, they started their detailing business in 2010 and ran their vehicles and generators with fryer oil. After finding a way to make solar power mobile they took further strides in cleaning up the way people do business and recreation.

“Solar power generation for mobile application could potentially simplify power needs while saving money. On top of the cash saved by no longer needing to buy gasoline to power your daily tools and equipment, you’re moving into the future,” says Ben Kaden

Narwhal Solutions offer solar powered generators that fit into the bed of a pick-up truck. For those that need a bit more power they offer towable’s in a range of sizes. These generators can accommodate any needs from wireless tools to heavy duty power tools. For more information go to solnarwhal.com 

Another pioneer in the new wave of unique solar powered businesses is Solar Earth Lawn care owned by Gus Mariscal. With solar panels mounted to the roof of their truck Solar Earth Lawn Care has found a clean source of energy to power everything from lawn mowers to leaf blowers and hedge trimmers. In the competitive field of landscaping it is important to find a way to stand out says Gus.

Maintaining a pristine green lawn can be far from actually being green. On top of the cost of gasoline, the negative health impacts to his crews were too much for Gus.  Additionally, Gus was concerned about air and noise pollution created by his gas business when he decided to convert to a sustainable solution. Solar Earth’s use of electric equipment and people powered tools comes with the added benefit of having no fumes and low noise. Recently they have brought in help from robotic electric mowers made by Husqvarna that cut your lawn in silence while you go about your day. Solar Earth Lawncare is the first solar powered landscaping company in Indiana and an AGZA Certified Service Pro business. Gus hopes more companies follow this trend. For more information about Solar Earth Lawn Care please visit http://solarearthlawncare.com/

As solar power becomes more common place in a variety of mobile charging applications, there will be more entrepreneurs joining new wave of businesses utilizing renewable energy solutions.

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