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Big Happenings with South Coast AQMD

South Coast AQMD's Commercial Electric Lawn and Garden Equipment Incentive and Exchange Program


Irvine USD Battery Equipment Training

South Coast AQMD’s Commercial Electric Lawn and Garden Equipment Exchange (eL&G) Program is positively impacting school districts within its boundaries. Older gas landscape maintenance equipment is being traded in for an 85 percent price reduction on new battery electric alternatives. The program partners with American Green Zone Alliance (AGZA) to conduct outreach, education, and training for battery electric operations.

Demonstration workshop at City of Irvine

The City of Irvine,  South Coast AQMD, and AGZA conducted a day of outreach and engagement. Cities such as Irvine are looking for creative ways to help small businesses and their constituents transition to lower impact equipment battery electric options.

South Coast AQMD Governing Board Vice Chair Michael Cacciotti, South Coast AQMD Board Member Carlos Rodriguez, Irvine City Council Members Tammy Kim and Kathleen Treseder were present in support of the event. People are calling for less ozone pollution and noise in their communities. Collaborations with  South Coast AQMD and AGZA provide learning opportunities and facilitate change.

Alan’s Lawn & Garden Battery Equipment Expo 2024 (Santa Ana)

South Coast AQMD’s eL&G Program is the largest in the nation. With a history going back over a decade,  South Coast AQMD has been taking an innovative and supportive approach to helping Small and Large Businesses, Municipalities, and Academic Institutions transition into battery electric technologies for the landscape maintenance industry and operators.

Alan’s Lawn & Garden is a South Coast AQMD eL&G Program retailer who is not only selling tools, but following the lead of other dealers to provide community outreach and networking.

This was the first of two outreach events by Alan’s Lawn & Garden which allows South Coast AQMD to engage communities face to face.

City of Lynwood 2024 Community Garden Spring Party

South Coast AQMD and AGZA were honored to participate at the City of Lynwood’s Community Garden Spring Party which was a meaningful day of community engagement held by the city’s Recreation & Community Services Department The day’s activities started with coffee, donuts, croissants, fresh fruit, and yogurt. The MC pumped up the music while people from Lynwood continued to spruce up their community garden.

People visited South Coast AQMD’s tent to learn about the programs offered to help reduce air pollution, especially in overburdened communities. Residents were interested in the gas for electric trade in program and curious about how powerful the commercial battery electric tools are. Participants were able to visit the AGZA tent to try a variety of battery powered leaf blowers to see for themselves how the equipment feels, functions, and performs.

Alan’s Battery Equipment Expo 2024 (Norwalk)

Alan’s Lawn & Garden continued their outreach efforts with a second battery electric equipment expo highlighting  South Coast AQMD’s eL&G Program.  South Coast AQMD and AGZA were on hand to provide program information and give case study examples of large successful battery electric equipment implementations.  South Coast AQMD and AGZA acknowledge Alan’s Lawn & Garden as well as all of the other dedicated eL&G Program retailers who help make the program successful for everyone.

For more information about South Coast AQMD’s Commercial Lawn and Garden Equipment Exchange Program, please visit their website here.

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