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Big Battery Making a “Big” Difference with AGZA



CHATSWORTH, CA – Big Battery – a global leader in lithium battery repurposing, recycling, and manufacturing and the American Green Zone® Alliance (AGZA) – who helps transition the landscape maintenance industry from gas powered to cleaner lower impact technologies, for municipalities, universities, school districts, and golf courses have been collaborating on a little-known project to address the proliferation of Battery Powered Equipment in the landscape maintenance industry.   People are asking what are we going to do with all of the lithium batteries once finished with their useful life?  Luckily Dan Mabe, President of the American Green Zone Alliance, was introduced to Eric Lungren, CEO of Big Battery.   It started with a chance meeting between South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) Board Member, and mayor of the City of South Pasadena Michael Cacciotti, who met Mr. Lungren while conducting interviews for the same journalist.  Following the interview, Board Member Cacciotti connected Big Battery with AGZA.

AGZA toured the Big Battery Headquarters in Chatsworth California and soon learned special things were happening there.  Big Battery was giving lithium

batteries a second life and also facilitating the recycling of lithium batteries.  AGZA understood the value of Big Battery right away as lithium powered equipment is currently gaining rapid popularity and workforce acceptance in the professional arena.   The two companies became acquainted and found a way to work together.

AGZA and the Arroyo Seco Golf Course located in the City of South Pasadena, which is an AGZA Certified Green Zone® had a problem to solve with a large greens mower operating at the course every day.  The mower was powered by a lead acid battery system and just after six short months lost substantial runtimes and placed the Green Zone rating at risk by possibly having to go back to using a traditional gas mower.   Big Battery said they could help by replacing the greens mower with a lithium system. Not only could Big Battery replace the batteries, they did it with used / repurposed Tesla Model 3 cells.

AGZA transported the greens mower to the Big Battery R&D center, and they went to work right away.  Their lead engineer Walson and AGZA went over the operating parameters of the mowers existing controllers and voltage ranges.  From there, he and his team modified the battery carriage and customized a battery bank which allows the mower to cut eighteen greens plus a practice putting green.  After this conversion, the Big Battery repurposed lithium battery system has powered the mower for over a year and a half with no issues to date.  The result is lower emissions, noise, and operating costs.  The ability of this mower to operate everyday at the course also keeps their AGZA Green Zone firmly intact and at a high rating.

With this pilot project Big Battery and AGZA were able to utilize repurposed lithium cells.  The result is substantially reduced toxic emissions – ozone-forming chemicals, fine particulates, and carbon monoxide – as well as reduce greenhouse gases, noise, fuel spillage, fuel consumption, and solid and toxic waste.  It’s a triple win for the people, planet, and profits!

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Dan Mabe is the founder and president of AGZA.

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