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Another Successful Exchange in Imperial County

EGO Exchange 2022


The American Green Zone Alliance completed another successful gas for electric exchange program for 2022 with award winning EGO Power + battery electric garden tools.

The residents of Imperial County were active in this year’s exchange program embracing AGZA/EGO lawn signs and taking pride in making a difference in their community.   People were so grateful to be able to trade in their gas lawnmowers, blowers, hedge trimmers, string trimmers, and chain saws for a top-of-the-line battery electric option for a reduced price.  The local Air District helped provide the cost reduction resources and brought in AGZA to help execute the program.

Participation was high and enthusiastic as AGZA strives to ensure there is an “educational” component to these programs where people learn why they are trading in their gas tools and what benefits it has on the air quality.  EGO has partnered with AGZA nationwide supporting the educational initiatives that come with lowering noise and cleaner air benefits to operating EGO 56 Volt Power+ tools.

EGO - Power Beyond BeliefEGO first appeared on AGZA’s radar five years ago as it burst on the scene as a popular tool line for many California communities participating in Air District gas-for-electric exchange programs. What made EGO so popular with these communities were the exceptional purchaser reviews and top ratings from Consumer Reports.

The EGO Power+ platform, although originally designed for residential use, has proven to be a popular choice for AGZA Commercial Certified Service Pros nationwide.  “This testing by AGZA has taken over four years, placing EGO tools and batteries in torturous maintenance settings that involve extreme temperatures, battery abuse, and robust use with our most unforgiving high volume gardening crews in Southern California where maintenance never takes a break due to the mild weather,” said Jeff Keenan, AGZA’s field testing coordinator.

AGZA values the relationship it has with EGO and other AFTC manufacturers who have dedicated tremendous amounts of time and R&D resources to ensure their battery electric tool platforms are safe, reliable, and perform adequately to replace their gas counter parts.

AGZA President Dan Mabe: “AGZA appreciates EGO valuing the educational component for this movement of lower impact landscape maintenance concepts. Creating dedicated signs and posting on their website validates where EGO’s heart is at.” 


The complete EGO Power Plus platform of tools including EGO’s 56 Volt Commercial Series have undergone the AGZA Field Test Certification (AFTC) process. Testing starting as far back as five years ago. Products such as snow throwers and back up battery power systems are not currently included in the AFTC process for any manufacturer.  EGO and any other AFTC manufacturer who releases a new product are required to provide samples for AGZA to test. As long as battery voltages and compatibility have not changed and new tools can “interface” with the original platform, AFTC status does not change.

EGO TrimmerEGO advantages include:

  • Innovative ARC™ Lithium Battery Technology featuring Keep Cool™ Cell Technology for use in extreme heat conditions
  • All tools and batteries are IPX4 rated for water and weather resistance and the Commercial Series Backpack Battery achieves the very stringent IPX56 rating
  • All tools and batteries are 100% backwards compatible
  • High powered digital brushless motors
  • Peak Power Technology™ leverages the power of more than one battery at a time for enhanced power output and efficiency.  Peak Power Technology is currently available on EGO snowblowers and the Dualport Mower.

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