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AGZA Certified Service Pros perform maintenance with low noise, zero-emission, low-emission equipment and sustainable practices. They've phased out the use of all two-stroke tools, eliminating tons of airborne pollutants every year and permanently lowering operating noise by 40-70%. The health and environmental benefits will be enjoyed by their customers and the community at large.

AGZA Certified Service Pro

AGZA Certified Service Pros are required to be proficient with battery and electric technology, operation, maintenance, and safety practices, which provide superior results for their customers.

AGZA Certified Service Pros Across the U.S.


  • Robotic Lawn Care Systems
    Irvine, CA website
  • Push Lawn Care
    Torrance, CA website
  • DeRossi Green Services
    Pasadena, CA website
  • South-West Green
    South Pasadena, CA website
  • Kitson Landscape Mgmt.
    Goleta, CA website



  • EcoQuiet Lawn Care
    Concord, MA website
  • ElectroCut Lawn Care
    Northhampton, MA website
  • Jackson Dodds
    Southhampton, NY website
  • MowGreen Lawn Services
    Fairfield, CT website
  • Unicorn Lawncare
    Pocantico Hills, NY website


  • Solar Earth Lawn Care
    Indianapolis, IN website
  • Langton Group
    Woodstock, IL website

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Electric operations offer many advantages, but the transition is full of challenges. AGZA’s leadership and experience help avoid the predictable pitfalls.

AGZA offers the first and most comprehensive grounds maintenance certification in the world. With our holistic view of the health and environmental impacts, we can help establish, monitor, report, verify, and certify your property.

AGZA also educates, trains, and certifies management and crews. So, reach out and let's partner together!

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