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Why create an AGZA Green Zone at home?

The ARGZI initiative encourages people to take responsibility and control over what lawn and garden maintenance activities take place on their property. Here is a list of common traditional lawn and garden maintenance practices that have a profound affect on workers, people, pets, communities, and the planet.

  • Gas Powered Equipment
  • Planting NON-Natives
  • Excessive Turf Sizes
  • Inefficient and Wasteful Watering Practices
  • Using Dangerous Chemicals for Fertilizing, Weed, and Pest Control

Through ARGZI, we can be better stewards of the land and greatly improve on or completely eliminate lawn and garden maintenance impact issues by creating an AGZA Green Zone on your personal property. ARGZI provides a set of guidelines that help you reach your personal sustainability goals and put them into practice.

AGZA Green Zone

The AGZA Residential Green Zone Initiative is about creating a quiet, calm, chemical free space in your own yard where pollinators and wildlife can flourish.  Replace or reduce turf, grow food, use "people powered" tools as a first choice.  Join the AGZA Green Zone movement today!

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Pollution Facts: Best Practices


Soil is a living thing. Compost increases the organic content of the soil which holds water and provides the material that bacteria and creatures need to break down and keep soil alive and full of nutrients.


Mulch can reduce evaporation from soil by up to 70%. Mulch is like a blanket on the soil. Not only do mulches conserve water and reduce the need for irrigation, they also moderate soil temperature, inhibit weed growth and, over time, improve the soil structure and health of plants.

Three simple ways to achieve an AGZA Residential Green Zone


For the folks who maintain their own yards, can scrap all of the gas powered equipment and opt for plug-in electric, battery electric, or people powered tools.  Or a combination of any of these options.  Here is a list of tools for your convenience.  Also listed are AGZA Residential Green Zone supporting manufacturers and dealers.  Homeowners can use the workbook for tips on utilizing "Best Practices" reducing the use of chemicals, being water wise, mulching, composting, and selecting regional native plant choices for your garden.  Growing your own food by building a vegetable box is highly rewarding, fun, and educational.  

AGZA Eco-Friendly
Service Providers

Property owners can seek out and hire AGZA Certified Service Pros or any other maintenance company that offers electric and people powered maintenance options.  Additionally, maintenance companies that also offer best practices for fertilizing, weed , and pest control.  Here is a list of AGZA Service Pros that offer gas alternative services in your area.   

Home Owners with weekly maintenance crews

Home owners can purchase a suite of high powered battery electric tools "dedicated" for their properties and allow their hired maintenance crews to use them once a week.  Here is a list of tools for your convenience.  Listed are AGZA Residential Green Zone supporting manufacturers and dealers.   

The bottom line is property owners can control what lawn and garden maintenance practices occur on their lands.  Take the AGZA Residential Green Zone challenge, and create your own AGZA Green Zone. 

Visit the AGZA store to order your AGZA Green Zone yard sign to help spread awareness and demonstrate to your community that your property is a gas-free, quieter place to be.

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