I started Push Lawn Care in early 2014 because I knew there was a simple solution to the never ending noise and fumes caused by dirty gasoline powered mowers and blowers. The house that I was living in at the time was less than a mile from the beautiful beaches of Redondo Beach and at the bottom of a small valley. The constant drum of gas engines from landscapers could be heard from 7am to sunset. When one landscaper finished, another would start. The sound never ended, and the entire neighborhood would smell like exhaust. Our own gardener seemed to love the sound of his own blower as it took him 15 minutes to blow off a driveway. Everything was blown into the street and it left the exterior of the house dirtier than before they arrived. Yes, the lawn had been mowed.

Due to the excessive noise, nothing could be done during that time. Phone calls couldn’t be made, conversations couldn’t be had. Life had to be put on pause while our peaceful neighborhood was being swarmed by an army with gas mowers.

I did some research and found out that battery powered equipment was starting to become an option. Fiskars had also made a popular update to the old reel mowers. Ryobi was pretty much the only cordless option at the time, and although the equipment was homeowner grade, the technology would improve just as quick as phone technology was.

I found out that my grandfather had a successful landscape company in the San Francisco Bay Area so I knew I had a green thumb in my blood. I had always enjoyed working outside, and my parents got me started early by pulling juniper stumps at a house they recently purchased in San Ramon. I had also done some light landscaping for a neighbor when I was 16. I had an idea of what I was doing, but I decided to make the jump into not only starting a landscape maintenance company, but being a leader in gas-less operations.

Operations started in February of 2014. I purchased a used Fiskars reel mower, a Ryobi 24v string trimmer, and a Ryobi 40v blower. I had a lot to learn about running a landscape maintenance business, but I quickly grew with good reviews. I was getting great feedback from clients regarding the noise and no fume operation. Eventually, I had to upgrade my equipment. I outgrew the push (hence the name Push Lawn Care) reel mower, and upgraded to a cordless Ryobi mower. It was still consumer grade, but I was able to maintain about 10 yards a day.

Eventually, the Ryobi equipment gave out. The batteries still had the power, but the equipment wasn’t made to handle the abuse that commercial landscape maintenance requires. Greenworks was the first to the commercial market. They sold a 82v commercial grade mower and we were the first in the area to put it in operation. We are still one of the only battery powered landscape maintenance companies in the area. We did so by choice, not by regulation.

While many companies only serve commercial clients, we are dedicated to serve all clients. Our client base ranges from single family homes with small backyards to commercial clients that include medical equipment manufacturers and 5g technology companies. We also serve Redondo Beach’s only luxury boutique hotel along Harbor Drive.

The past few years have not only helped us gain knowledge about plant care, but we have become excellent at irrigation repair and troubleshooting. Our services range from simple sprinkler and pvc pipe repair, to valve troubleshooting, to installing smart sprinkler systems. During the drought, we stressed to our clients the importance of saving water. We were able to help save thousands of gallons of water by installing smart sprinkler timers and water saving sprinkler heads. We can also install drip systems to help deliver water exactly where you need it. We are even Rachio Certified Installation Professionals and are able to offer you an extended warranty. We have a dedicated irrigation truck, and if you see it, give us a call for a free irrigation audit.

We started out serving the Torrance, Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, and Manhattan Beach communities. Our area of service has grown to Long Beach, San Pedro, Torrance, Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, Lawndale, Gardena, Hawthorne, El Segundo, Westchester, Culver City, Bel Aire, and Burbank.

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Dan Mabe is the founder and president of AGZA.

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