AGZA rigorously tests and advocates for the highest quality best performing zero-emission lawncare equipment.


Is battery electric equipment ready for prime time? Can it actually replace the power and run-times of gas equipment? Which manufactures and battery platforms have gas-like performance? Can I afford them? Will they last long enough for me to get my ROI (return on investment) and back to profitability?

These are the core questions facing every crew and property owner considering the switch to more sustainable electric operations — and they’re spot on. You run a business, electric batteries are expensive, and you need confidence that you won’t get burned. You’ve come to the right place.


American Green Zone Alliance was founded to provide answers and empower smart choices. Our priority is to give clients and crews the most credible advice on which manufacturers and tools are capable of commercial work production, and which can actually replace gas machines. We want to get you the information and insights you need to make the best decision for your organization. And if you decide it’s time to cross the bridge into the future of land care, we’re available to help you cross it efficiently, effectively, confidently, and profitably.

AGZA has been using and vetting battery-electric equipment in commercial, academic, and municipal settings for over a decade. In fact, we transitioned our own gas-powered commercial lawn maintenance route to electric back when extension cords were as good as it got. Since then, we’ve been on the cutting edge of the battery revolution, closely monitoring the accelerating performance ramp and falling prices of lithium-ion battery applications which now power every facet of modern life.

Along the way we’ve earned a name for ourselves as a thought leader and influencer in this industry. Our unique position — highly informed but impartial liaison between end users, commercial crews, city councils, air districts, and the tool manufacturers — is of value because it is consciously independent.

AGZA gives our full-throated endorsement to the brands and the tools in this directory. They are the best of the best in the cordless lawn and garden sector — capable of performing full-time commercial-grade grounds maintenance, and sufficient to replace gas tools.

Of course not every tool is right for every customer, and batteries generally still don’t quite compete head-to-head with gas on raw power. That said, with a battery platform and tool selection matched for your needs, and with some basic insight into optimal tool operation, there is no longer any question that if you are committed to making the change, the tools already exist to get a professional job done.

Many variables will factor into your final equipment purchase. What we promise is this: if you are taking a serious look at the myriad benefits of electric operations, including the considerable strategic advantages of marketing low-noise, zero-emissions services to your customers, then the AGZA Certified equipment from the manufacturers below will provide the best possible outcome and highest chance of success.

Echo Robotics

ECHO Robotics Becomes AGZA AFTC® Certified!

The American Green Zone Alliance (AGZA) is pleased to announce ECHO Robotics has earned an AGZA Field Tested Certification (AFTC) designation for their line of battery powered robotic mowers and golf ball pickers. ECHO USA has taken a proactive approach to developing a line of robotics which helps municipal and golf course operations deal with staff shortages and the use of conventional gas mowers which are significantly louder than ECHO Robotics mowers. This spring marks the culmination of three years of independent testing by AGZA.

Congratulations to the ECHO Robotics team!

Transitioning to Battery and Electric Tech

Transitioning to battery electric technologies for commercial grounds maintenance operations involves thoughtful research, planning, and execution.  To ensure an enduring and lasting implementation that will yield a financial return and help people, planet, and profit, it is critical to make the right choices when procuring equipment and adopting a new approach to maintain commercial landscapes with battery electric tools. 

Institutions and professional operators need to know what does this look like at least three to four years after their purchase.  Did the tools hold up, was there adequate aftermarket support, and was there resources to recycle batteries.  There are a multitude of battery electric equipment choices on the market and more coming online faster than we can process sometimes.  Here are some suggested considerations.

  • Do a deep dive and research the manufacturer of choice. 
  • Look for recalls, safety issues, and proof of extended periods (at least four years) of tools being used in commercial settings verified separate of manufacturers and dealers.
  • Research warranty information prior to purchasing equipment.
  • Verify after market support from the manufacturing, distributor, and retail levels.
  • For large equipment, is it American made or manufactured and shipped from overseas?  Purchasing a quality product made in the USA has a reduced carbon and environmental footprint, and supports local jobs and economies. 
  • Seek advice, consulting, and data separate of manufacturers to understand ROI (return on investment) trajectories, and durability from unbiased sources who have transparent and substantiated performance and longevity metrics and references for commercial use. 
  • IMPORTANT - We highly suggest testing at least three to four different brands of tools for extended periods of time (minimum two weeks)  before making a purchase decision.  These purchases will be in the tens of thousands of dollars for most and it is critical to test and vet tool platforms before procurement. 

OK — let’s take a look at the best battery-electric lawn and garden equipment on the market



STIHL’s AP Battery Series delivers professional-grade power and is great for extensive use on a wide range of properties. Choose from extended-reach hedge trimmers, pole pruners, lawn mowers, cut-off machine, and more. AP Battery Series works with AP chargers and batteries, as well as our AR backpack batteries.


It’s not the size – it’s the power that matters! Our Husqvarna-developed, brushless motors deliver full torque at low revs, and 25% higher efficiency than a standard brush motor. Whether you're using a weed trimmer to cut thick wet grass, or a chainsaw to do wood cutting, our battery powered equipment gives you higher and more consistent torque.

Makita Logo


Makita takes landscaping and yard work to the next level with Makita Cordless Outdoor Power Equipment. It’s ONE system offering more solutions for mowing, trimming, cutting, clean-ups, and more – without the noise and emissions of gas equipment. The expanding LXT® System includes lawn mowers, string trimmers, blowers, chain saws, brush cutters, pole saws, and more. For pro landscapers, this means more battery-powered options to replace gas equipment for top performance with lower noise, less maintenance and zero emissions. 

Kress Tools


In nearly a century, Kress has never made a single internal combustion engine. And they never will.
Unlike traditional brands that are adding cordless models to their core fossil fuel OPE ranges prompted by a growing environmental consciousness, Kress has been manufacturing electric motors exclusively for almost a century. An icon of German engineering, we stood side by side with generations of professional users who have trusted its tools for their dependability.


We believe alternate energy products can be both powerful AND efficient. Our products not only perform as good as or better than "gas-engine" products, but their operating and maintenance costs are only a fraction of the cost as well. Mean Green Mowers were designed and built to strong and durable "commercial" standards for all of our residential, estate, and our commercial models.

Towa Logo


TOWA is a company that is bringing safety, organization, and economy to the once emerging, now rapidly growing battery electric lawn and garden industry. TOWA provides and effective turnkey charging solution with the TOWA PDM. 

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