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A New Normal – How to adjust to Gas Leaf Blower Bans


AGZA understands the landscape maintenance industry.  Our Alliance was founded by former gas operators and business owners.  Being asked to change over to a new technology (Battery Electric) to deliver the same level of maintenance services to customers who demand it can be challenging and expensive.  Here are some things to consider helping make the transition easier.

  • Communicate any gas leaf blower bans, restrictions, and regulations that impact your business with your clients
  • Ask clients to pay a modest increase to cover the upfront cost of battery electric equipment
  • Ask clients to consider purchasing battery electric equipment for their property for you to use
  • Ask clients to purchase extra batteries and chargers that fit electric equipment you already have for their property for you to use
  • Suggest to clients mulching can be healthier for their yard
  • Consider using blowers only on hardscape surfaces
  • Blow, rake, or sweep leaves, grass clippings, and other debris onto turf and mulch with lawnmowers

Remember you are a valued member of society and people acknowledge your work as a vital contribution to the quality of life in our community.

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