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Commercial Electric Lawn and Garden (eL&G) Equipment Incentive & Exchange Program

Programa de incentivos e intercambio de equipos eléctricos comerciales para césped y jardín (eL&G)

South Coast AQMD’s Commercial Lawn and Garden Equipment Incentive and Exchange Program helps improve air quality by replacing older, polluting gasoline-powered equipment for cleaner commercial grade equipment at a 50-85% discount.

The program is available for commercial landscapers and gardeners operating within the South Coast AQMD's region (see map) as well as local governments, school districts, colleges and non-profits. Commercial lawn and garden equipment will be made available at a discounted price through pre-authorized dealerships. Equipment available through this program includes handheld trimmers, chainsaws, pruners, backpack and handheld blowers and ride-on, stand-on, and walk-behind mowers. An equivalent operable gasoline or diesel powered piece of lawn or garden equipment must be scrapped when the new battery-electric equipment is purchased. 

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